Hello World

Hi there!

We’re Selebreus, a team of individuals who decided to join forces and protect the Earth from extraterrestrial beings called Escolion who plans to invade the planet in the year 2367. Combining our powers, we aim to save the Earth from this threat.

Just kidding. If you believed that though, you’re a really cool person. (Believe us, we would have wanted to be that team. Probably.)

Selebreus is a team of individuals interested in game development. All of us come from different places all around the world. While it may have been really sweet to have powers, we do have skills to join together to create games. We’re definitely not the best, nor aiming to be it, but we’ve got guts to face game development with a ‘Bang’.

We’ve still got a long way to go, but we’ll try our best to prove that.


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