Makings of Pill Rush

Pill Rush is Selebreus’ first game. It was meant to be a simple game based from the mechanics of both Pacman and Lode Runner.


As you may be familiar, the main goal in Pacman’s levels is to collect all the tiny circles in order to move on to the next level. However, things aren’t that easy since you’re being chased by ghosts around levels that have quite interesting layouts.


Image Source

Pill Rush has a similar feel. Instead of collecting circles, you collect stashes gained from checkpoints. These checkpoints are scattered throughout all levels. Like Pacman, you need to collect all these stashes in order to finish a level. You’re challenged, though by police that will keep on chasing you as you go around the levels. The police in the game will follow the same principles with the ghosts’ AI in Pacman, but with a few tweaks.

To help the player gain some advantage over the police, there’re tasers put all over levels that will allow the player to temporarily paralyze police. This is reminiscent of the big circles in Pacman that lets players “eat” the ghosts and send them to their “house”.

The project also introduces a dash system from Pacman’s spinoff, Ms. Pacman. It gives you the ability to dash. However, we also introduce a stamina system that will limit the time a player can dash.

Aside from this, we also mixed things up by adding one more feature based from the game Lode Runner: a stash-stealing system.


Image Source

If you’re not familiar with this game, Lode Runner is a game where you collect mounds. Once you collect all of them in a level, you can consider it done. However, to make things interesting, the enemies can pick up those mounds if they walk through it. The only way for you to get them is to dig a trap for an enemy. The enemy will leave the mound for you to collect. (Correct me if I am wrong about this. I have vague memories of this game. I mainly played Lode Runner Twin as a kid.)

In Pill Rush, the police can take away a stash from the player once it hits him/her. The only way to get it back is by hitting a police while holding a taser.


In terms of graphics, Pill Rush adopts the Earthbound feel. Its lightly colored palette along with the cutesy pixel art make the visuals of the game feel comfy.

earthbound-2 Image Source


The music will also adopt a retro feel with 16-bit beats. Inspired by the art of the project, the sounds of the game will bring back memories of the good ol’ days.

The game is currently being made in Game Maker: Studio and is set for release this mid-November 2016. Watch out for this game and stay tuned for more news!

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