Pill Rush Update #1

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on Pill Rush. The team has been quite busy with our personal stuff and there has been some pretty big changes. I’ll discuss those changes in another post.

For Pill Rush, during one of the team;s group calls, the team decided to hold it off. The latest work done on Pill Rush before that decision contains more code-related stuff.

In terms of the game’s code, most of it is done. Only a few more things like the Score Screen and the Options Screen need to be done.

In terms of graphics, much of it is left undone. Most of the graphics are still placeholders. The work done on the art focus on the tiles. Tiles for the first world are mostly done. I’d say around 60%. For the sprites, also nearly done. Back sprites for the characters are the only ones missing.

In terms of the music, only the main theme and first world level music are done. Everything else, nada.

In the last team call, it was decided that the team will start working on Pill Rush again. Not as the main project, but as a side project. Yes, a side project. Selebreus is currently planning to start a new project.

Pill Rush still has a lot of areas to be done, but it’ll get there. For the most part, it did help the team learn a few things.. Hopefully, when it gets done, the team will realize what it really is for.

This is Stein posting. Keep updated with the latest news on our projects on us right here. You can also check us out in our IndieDB, Itch.io and Facebook pages.

Good day!


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