Hey there. Stein here.

It’s been several months since Pill Rush started. As the founding member of the team, I originally worked on the game with my best friend. Things kinda went bad, leading to me left on working on the idea.

For some time after that, I tried to do as much as I can. I focus mainly on game design. I do know some programming and how to make graphics, but those didn’t mean I can handle all of them alone. Pill Rush was a simple game; I mean, it was meant to be a Pacman clone. Back then, I thought, “How hard could this project be?” After being left to work on it alone, my eyes were opened. Game dev, even just simple projects, is hard.

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When I met the others, my world suddenly grew. I got to know more people who had varying talents. It was motivating. From then, I decided to scale the project a bit bigger. I tried making it as some sort of introductory project to game dev.

To accommodate their arrival, the core idea had to undergo several discussions before being finalized. Some introduced action game elements, while others RPG ones. It took a lot of times for the team to remember that Pill Rush was made to be simple.  Not great, not even good. Just simple. It transitioned from an ambitious project to a humbling one that was meant to teach a group of people how to work together on producing something.

When I was still working on it alone, this was not how I wanted it. Sure, Pill Rush was my first game (together with my best friend) but I didn’t intend it to be one that can be forgotten easily in the future. This is my first game, after all. However, upon meeting the other members, I had to come in terms with the compromise. I prepared myself to give out this idea, but I didn’t give up on wanting to finish it.

The moment everyone came, it was no longer just my game; it became ours. The others put some good effort in it. We may have encountered a few things during the height of our production, but we went through and tried to push it further before we decided to hold it off.

Some of the team members mentioned that Pill Rush is simple, but it made them learn quite a few things. It made them see how game dev goes, most especially together with a group of people. With this point, I guess Pill Rush did do at least one thing. It’s not very fulfilling, but it made it somehow.

Pill Rush still has a long way to go, so is the team. Hopefully, as time goes by, we’ll improve just like how Pill Rush did.


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