Year in Review: The Team’s Baby Steps

Hello everyone! Stein here again.

I guess it is already too late to wish you happy holidays, seeing that in a few days it will be 2017 already. Nonetheless, the team and I still wish you the best for the remainder of the year!

It has been quite a while since we last posted an update about our work with Pill Rush, or any update at all. The year has been rough for most of us, so has it been too for the rest of the world, I imagine. There are people who do not enjoy this year in particular, most especially due to the number of famous figures who have passed away. While it may have been indeed rough, 2016 has not been that bad. This can be true for our team’s case.

We formed sometime August this year. We started off with 4 members: Adrian, Jay, Eliel and myself. It was around this time as well when we have started to work on Pill Rush from its GDD form. Some time passed and Eliel left our team for personal reasons. It hit us quite hard since he was our only artist, and the rest of us did not focus well on graphics.

Around September until October came Grayson and Robert, who became our artists for the team. Patrick also joined us since we had a need for a separate programmer (I was initially the only programmer. However, I also had team-keeping duties. This kept me from doing my part of the work well.) Dalton, our sound designer, also hopped in.

Their addition made the team feel like a proper one. All of us came from different places, making it feel diverse. We all had something to contribute coming from our own standpoints. Personally, I enjoyed this period of our team’s growth. It just felt nice.

Then came the bumpy ride. Everyone started feeling the peak of their individual commitments. Some got swallowed by schoolwork or their jobs; others were occupied by their personal stuff. The team started feeling a bit less active. I still remember the times I sulked (I really did) while I was waiting for them to go online in Slack or Skype.

Times became more testing and some of us had to leave. Patrick needed to focus on his exams while Robert was preparing himself for a personal commitment. Taryn and Raditya soon joined us in lieu of them, but the team never felt like it used to be.

We never became complete in our group calls mainly due to our time zones. Some of us still have problems when updating people about their work. School and/or work have prevented us from working well. However, we stand still. We have never been the perfect team, but there is still room for improvement.

This is the kind of optimism that probably will not go far. Even so, we still aim to be better. 2017 is not very far. For us, it will be a new period for developments, both for our projects and for ourselves.

Again, this is Stein. Thank you for reading this entry. Stay tuned for updates regarding our work and us here on our blog. You can also catch us on our Facebook, and GameJolt accounts. Have a nice day! 😉


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