Good day everyone!

I know, we decided that we’re taking a breather for a moment. Some personal stuff happened and things went slow. However, I thought I’ll resume work on Pill Rush– this time, just me, Stein. I’ve decided to work on it again mainly because it’d be a waste to just shelf it. We’ve had some good progress with it; it just needs some more push and it’ll be good to go.

This time though, I don’t plan to pick up the work from where we left it. I’ve had some time to think of things through and realized it could be better. I’m thinking of changing the skin of the game while retaining its core mechanic. I don’t plan to add too much unless extremely necessary; it is still my first game, after all. Too big of a scope can overwhelm me.

Months ago, we announced that we’re going to revamp Pill Rush’s graphics. Since work went slow, the revamp never actually got finished. This time, the revamp will not only include the graphics, but the general feel of the game as well.

Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ve worked on:


I’ve created a sprite and a basic tree tile. I stuck with the Earthbound palette with a bit of my touch. I also changed the resolution from the standard 1024×768 to 1024×576. I realized the game’s window size was too big, so I limited it. Currently, the GUI is still messed up (still needs some fixing). Other than that, no other changes.

I plan to keep posting updates on my work. Stay tuned for more updates!


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