Good day everyone!

Today, I’ll be sharing a few more details about the changes with our (supposedly) first project, Pill Rush. I mentioned a similar planned revamp back then which was mostly focused on graphics. Things got a bit complicated and we were not able to push it through, but we have it on right now.


Last time, I posted about the ongoing overhaul of Pill Rush. There, I shared a sneak peek of how the graphics looks like now.


Sneak peek of the graphics change

I started creating the sprite first, which is heavily based on the cartoon-y graphics we have all over our blog. The chibi style was made stronger to retain the cutesy feel of the game. To further add to that, I used the same idea of having an Earthbound-like color palette which should reinforce the idea enough. The color may need some readjusting at some point but, for now, I guess it’ll do.

Energy seems to be rich in this kind of palette. Source

There’s not much going on with the graphics as of now. I’ve been focusing on the programming side of things since it is where I’m more slightly confident about (tutorial-learned coding, anyone? Haha) I plan to return to spriting once some basic stuff on the codes are dealt with.


At this point, you might ask “Okay, so there’s a change in the art style. What else is there that you’re so excited to share about?” Well, my answer to that will be the game’s design, particularly the skin.

We previously had the game focused on a lost tourist-turned drug runner. On the old description, we wrote in detail:

You play as a lost tourist who got caught up in a drug dealing mess during your travels. Your goal is to save enough money to buy a ticket back home by collecting stashes for a drug dealer, while avoiding the police in the process.

Each level, you must collect a minimum number of stashes hidden in different areas and find your way out before the police catches you or the time running out.

A simple look on it can already tell you that the game had a serious background. Somehow, this became a problem. I’m afraid I only got the chance to actually confirm this later in the development. The graphics were intentionally meant to contrast this overall idea of drug running. The more we worked with the project, the less appealing the contrast went.

This time around, I decided to scrap the whole drug running thing and replace it with something that would go well with the planned cheery graphics. For now, the skin is replaced with having a postman delivering mail and goods. It might not appeal too much to some (probably). I intend to focus more on the gameplay rather than the story behind the game. I wanted something a little bit better, but I might be thinking too big again.

Other than this, the same core mechanic will remain but changed a bit. The same Pacman idea will still be there albeit a bit changed Since you will delivering stuff, you (the player) will have to interact with people or objects in the game in order to make a delivery. This will happen in the same situation like the previous idea, being chased by enemies.

Like the graphics, I can’t give more information about the design progress since programming and code fixing is my top priority.


Now this is something I can talk about!

Before everything else, I focused on altering the level selection screen. Moving around still works similar to the one in Super Mario RPG (God, I am so proud of pulling this one off haha), though with fewer points.

Super Mario RPG map selection screen. Source

Right now, I was able to make it so that once you select a world, you are transported to a room where you can select a level for that world. It should be a pop-up (the level selection screen), but I’m still struggling how to capture the last screen and set it as a background for the new one. I may try doing an overlay style of things in terms of the rooms, though that is still yet to be seen. No screenshot or preview yet, sorry.

Aside from this, I started doing a bit of code cleaning. Some useless bits of code have been removed and scripts deleted. Since the change in design meant change in the overall game, some of them meant no more for this revitalized project.

Currently, I’m still doing a bit more cleaning and plan to work on the design soon again.

Music and Sounds

I’m no sound guy so I may have to find some free online resources. This site, bfxr, has been a particularly interesting find. I used to mess with Audacity before to create some random sounds and managed to create some 16-bit effects. The site helps with just that, and it has been a bit of a help for me.

In terms of the music, the 16-bit idea will retain. I’ve been fond of jazz lately so I’m thinking of having the genre as inspiration for finding good audio resources somewhere. I’m still not sure how that will work out, but I’m willing to test out new things.

That’s it for my updates on the Pill Rush development. If you’d like, you can visit our Facebook page. Our and Gamejolt pages are still under renovation, but you can go ahead and check them out as well.

Stay tuned for more updates! Have a good one.


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