It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update about the game. I’ve been working with the enemies’ AI too much I got lazy to post an update here.

Anyway, this is the first update there’ll be for the game with its new skin and title. It has been some time since good progress has been posted about the game, and I think this can count as one.


Similar to Pill Rush, the game will have a Park world where our main character will have his chases on. I just love the concept of having a park as a world that I couldn’t remove it, even with the skin change. As mentioned before, the color palette is similar to Earthbound’s. The colors should be mellow and comforting to the eyes.

I’ve included the ever-present benches, lampposts, and trees, which seem to be basic things found in a park. The general picture of the park in the game follows the generic park look I’ve seen in different media. I decided to go with this idea since parks in my country look too urban (at least, the ones I’ve been in so far). The other two worlds will also have an urban feel; I decided to retain the Park world to provide some form of variety.

Here’s a preview of how the tileset looks so far, along with the gameplay:


As seen from above, Postal Rush will have the same idea with Pill Rush regarding gameplay. You still have to go to “checkpoints” where you will be making your deliveries. In Pill Rush, you will have to interact with these checkpoints by holding down Enter (the default button). Once the progress bar is full, you will have gained a stash.

In Postal Rush though, I changed it up a bit. Instead of gaining stashes and needing to get X number of those stashes, you will need to lose all of the mail you have with you. Basically, it’s just the other way around.

Aside from this, I included an automatic deliver system where mail will automatically get delivered upon contact with the receiver. This is in addition to that hold-down-a-button mechanic. I decided this can make it a bit easier to deliver those mail. To distinguish between the two types of deliveries, I separated the mail (automatic, indicated as white sprites in the vid) from packages (hold down, red sprites).

These are all up for testing, though. I have played what I’ve done so far and all look good to me. Feedback from others would be appreciated.

Others (Music, etc.)

I’ve yet to see progress with the music so far. Finding free music online for the game is quite a tedious task and, frankly, also a boring one. Music I’ve found so far either do not go well with the game’s feel or aren’t free. I’m thinking about hiring someone for the music but have not decided yet.

As for level design, I’ve made 3 levels, all for testing purposes only. I’m currently making the game on GameMaker: Studio and the engine’s not helping with the task. The room editor has been inefficient and frustrating (flood tool, anyone) that I haven’t had the motivation to start it yet.

These are all I can share for now. Stay tuned for more updates!


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