Hey there! I apologize for being a bit late for writing the weekly update. Lots of stuff happened. Unlike the previous update which had a lot of graphics done, this week, there’s not much I can share. I’ve started working on level design and more on the codes.

Level Design

For the level structures in the game, I stuck with the idea of having Pacman-like ones with some deviations.Image result for pacman level design

First, I didn’t include the wrapping feature of Pacman levels. Remember that you can go to the left side of the level by going through that “exit” at the right, and vice versa? I thought this breaks the realism of the game and could possibly make the game easier, too.

I also avoided having symmetrical levels. It looks really obvious that Pacman levels can be easily split vertically. By doing so, you’ll end up having two copies of the same structure, though mirrored. I remember being advised introducing asymmetry in the levels’ design. I decided to go with that advice. As I continually tested the levels I have made, it made sense.

To be honest, level design still feels alien. The idea behind placement of level elements are clear, but their relationship to the level’s structure still puzzles me. During the past week, I’ve watched various videos on level design. They provided some good insight on the subject, though I still can’t figure out some things. I don’t think level design is for me, but there’s not much choice. The levels have to be done.

As of now, I’ve finished a dozen levels. They’re still up for testing, though.

Game Design

After working on the game for a month now, I just started figuring out that movement really is a vital component to this type of game. The thought came to mind before, but it didn’t occur to me that it was that important.

Game design forms the core of the game. Since this realization, I’ve made some adjustments to the levels and the player’s movement. I made the actual walls slightly smaller. As I tested the levels, they really made movement much smoother. Collisions looked more natural and you’re not going to get stuck anymore.



The AI has slightly improved. They move much smarter now and feel more aggressive in their chase. I have yet to integrate the other AI types. So far, there’re two types. The plan was to make 4. The other 2 will most likely be only variations of the already done ones.

Aside from this, I’ve finished the menu flow. I call it like that, but it’s more of a screen-to-screen transfer like Title Screen to Level Selection, and so on. Since I focused on it last time, I managed to complete it. The only thing needed to be done is to integrate the graphics.


I’ll save you the trouble of reading and show you what’s been done instead. (Forgive the pixelation.)

The main character, fully sprited!

The people who’ll be receiving your mail, and love


Some screens featuring our newly-made main character
Also, locks!

I know there’s not much finished product I can show yet, but things are about change now that… there’s an update on the status of the team!


The status of Selebreus for the past months went from team to solo dev. However, some developments just occurred. I have met a new teammate, Thomas, who’s way over at The Netherlands. The feeling of having a foreign teammate isn’t new to me, but it’s nice to meet someone from there.

Aside from Thomas, Grayson returns! Gray was one of the artists we used to have in our former setup. When the team reduced to 3, he was one of those along with me and another teammate. We had some personal things going on which led to our complete separation, but it’s nice to have a familiar face back.

Welcome (and welcome back), team! Selebreus is alive and kicking once again.






That’s it for our updates for this week. Stay tuned for more updates!

Have a good day!


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